Palaver Productions is primarily a podcasting venture. We have three podcasts as of now that we host & produce. The original podcast that was started in 2015 and is The Pro Wrestling Roundtable which is now know as the PWR Spot Show. The focus is still wrestling every week which is hosted by John Morgan Neal, Richard Ewell, & Jerry Chandler.

The second podcast started in 2017 & has turned into a cult hit, The Assignment: Horror Podcast. This one is all about Richard loving horror movies but not seeing as many as John, Jerry, & Becca so they pick a movie and force Richard to watch it and give it a grade.

And finally in 2018, the Nerdy Laser was launched by Richard to talk about nerdy stuff but laser focusing on the 1990s.

The heart of Palaver Productions is its Patreon which allows its fans to get a ton of additional content and early access to the podcasts as well as bonus podcasts!